Friday, January 15, 2016

Rerun Article: School's Buzzing at Snowflake's Christian School for Animals

The Snowflake's Christian School for Animals is a newly opened school, a great place for animals to learn Mathematics, English, Science and many other skills.
Note: The article you are about to read describes the actions and what was said during Lizzy's first television interview with Snowflake's Christian School for Animals.

A Lizard is seen playing a game on her iPod.
“Umm, Miss we're on the air!” exclaims a voice behind the camera.
“Oops umm...Hi, this is Lizzy the Lizard and today I'm going to Mrs. Snowflake's Christian School for Animals (or SCSA), where the school year has started a bit earlier than usual. I, Lizzy, decided to interview some of the students and staff to see their opinion on the school.” “It's great, there's so many sports like Basketball, volleyball, track, and soccer,” exclaims an anxious joey, named Roo, as we walk down the hallway. “I'm trying out for basketball. The games area totally awesome! There's flags and banners...the best part is the food, there's...”
“Thanks for showing such enthusiasm, Roo,” I say.
“It's fun, Mrs. Hippo...I mean Mrs. Snowflake makes sure that kids in my grade get the education they need, but my favorite time is snack time!” states a first grader name, Jelly the Field Mouse. “You should go talk to my mom, Peanut or Butter, my little sister.”
“Peanut, Butter, and Jelly, huh um... How original,” I remark into the camera.
“It's time to go into the teacher's lounge,” I declare as I continue down the hallway. “Hello Lumpy," I ask a heffalump (elephant), "what do you think of the education here at SCSA?”
“Lizzy, what are you doing here? Aren't you supposed to be in class?” questions the heffalump.
“Umm I'm kind of doing a documentary of the school for a blog,” I answer before turning to the camera man, “We can delete that part, right?”
“Here we have the cafeteria, where the students eat and . . . um . . .” I walk over to the kitchen area. “What's you're take on the food here.”
“It's the best” exclaims the Penny the penguin as he slaps some fish-smelling paste with bits of fish parts in it on some bread. “I make it myself.”
“I think I'm gonna be sick!” I exclaim, camera zooms at me as I rush out of the room.
I finally return. The camera man takes a close up of my face as I say, “You don't....umm.. like regurgitate the food and serve it...right?”
“Nonsense, I only do that for Penguinia-Ann, my little sister.” the penguin reassures me.
“That's nice to know,” I exclaim, “Now let's get some feedback on how the food tastes.”
“It's magical!” exclaims a kindergartner name, Puff (the magic dragon).
“My mom's cooking is better,” remarks fourth grader, Snowball Hippo.
“I'll like peanuts,” states another fourth grader named, Butter the chipmunk.
I'm seen taking a spoonful of mac& cheese.
“This is good,” I exclaim, checking my watch. “Well it's almost time to go so this is Lizzy the Lizard coming from the Mrs. Snowflake's school for animals!”
The video ends with Lizzy gobbling up the Mac & cheese.

Written by: Lizzy the Lizard
Photographed by: Daniel P. Smithwater
Edited by: Christian Ryan, Joy Hammond & Mr. Smiley

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