About our Writers

Mr. Peter Smiley
Well hello everybody! Welcome to my blog! My name is Peter Smiley, but most folks just call me Mr. Smiley. Now I have a little newspaper that I write for in my hometown, but lately, I've decided to broaden my scope to the internet. So basically what this is is a weekly paper that is published to give you the news of the ins and outs of the way we live around here. Get ready for a lot of fun and news scoops. And remember, I NEVER exaggerate . . . most of the time . . . Anywho, let's get started!

Lizzy Lizard
Hi my name is Lizzy, Lizzy the Basilisk lizard. I am the newest member...or helper on at Smiley's News. I'm always curious and sometimes find myself getting in trouble (good thing my tail is a distraction for predators!). Unlike most lizards, I can stand, walk and run on my hind legs and I can even run over water - hence my nickname: the Jesus Christ Lizard (though Jesus walked over water without webbed feet, even I can't do that!). I like to discover new and interesting things to see and eat!

Daniel P. Smithwater
Hello there, my name's Daniel P. Smithwater and I'm not only Mr. Smiley's “trusty junior photographer,” as he often will tell you, but you might even call me his right hand man! Here at Smiley's News, it is my job to take most of the photographs for the front page stories (a few exceptions would be this article and the top photo on this article). I may be only 12 years old, but according to my mom, I have the mind of a 22-year old. What I absolutely love about working at Smiley's News is that it's always an adventure reporting on stories with Mr. Smiley, dealing with everything from beating other top-rated reporters to the potential story of the week to making each story sound a bit more interesting with my fascinating pictures. When I'm not photographing things for the paper, I'm either helping Mr. Smiley with upcoming papers, writing fiction and “fan-fiction” stories of my own, taking pictures of wildlife and hanging out with my friends. I absolutely LOVE my job!

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