Friday, January 16, 2015

Lizzy's Delicious Jello Salad Recipe

“Hi everyone, Lizzy here and I'm going to show you a chilly recipe; just kidding it's not chilly, it's silly. The best Jello salad by Janet Toth. Well, I mean that's what it says in the book.”
“You keep forgetting about me!” Lily explains. “Hi, I'm Lily! I'm Lizzy's smarter sister.”
“You need: 1 (6-oz.) box Jello (strawberry, orange or lime), 1 c. boiling water, 2/3 c. (sm. Can) evaporated milk, ½ pt. Sour cream, Med. Size (approx. 9 oz.) frozen strawberries (or canned mandarin oranges or pears, undrained), thawed but not drained...” Lizzy read. “Hey! Lily, I'm the oldest, I'm supposed to be smarter.”
“Not when it comes to cooking and baking,” Lily mutters with a satisfying smile.
Lily grabbed all the ingredients and put it on the counter.
“First step: mix the jello with boiling water and then add evaporated milk and stir,” Lizzy continues.
She looks around for the spoon.
“Um...what do I mix this with?” Lizzy asks Lily.
Lily sighs and then grabs a metal spoon.
“Next, add sour cream and mix with an electric mixer,” Lizzy continues.
“Oh boy! I get to use my kitchen aid!” Lily shrieks with joy.
Lizzy rolls her eyes and then keeps reading.
“Then add strawberries and juice (or other fruit) and stir it into the mix.”
Lizzy grabs the strawberries and starts to dump them into the mixture.
“Hey! Not so fast!” Lily complained.
Lizzy continues looking at the book.
“Afterwards, spray jello mold with nonstick-cooking spray and pout the jello into the mold. Finally place the mold into the refrigerator until it is set.”
Both lizards but the jello in the fridge and stared at it for a few minutes.
“Is it done yet?” Lizzy asked.
“ you want to play a board game or something?”
Lily nods and they both head off somewhere to look for something to pass the time.
“When it's all done, Lily informs, you can take the jello out of the mold and serve it on a bed of lettuce if you want.”
“Why lettuce?”
“Why not? It makes the dish look appealing.”
“Oh...okay. Well that's it for now everyone, I'm Lizzy...”
“and I'm Lily!”
“And we'll see you all next time! Oh and enjoy!” Lizzy ends show.

Written by: Lizzy the Lizard
Photographer: Daniel P. Smithwater
Edited by: Christian Ryan, Joy Hammond and Mr. Smiley

Weekly Cartoons

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