Thursday, May 1, 2014

Lizzy and the Riddler pt. 4

Lizzy and Jack set off across the Mississippi River with Jack's uncle, Tyrone, in search of the next clue to the mysterious Riddler.
The next day I wake up to hear a loud thump downstairs.
“Ow Tyrone, why did you that?” yelled a voice, just below me.
“It's time to get up,” ranted an older voice of Tyrone.
I hear grumbling and small thuds.
“Oh and go wake up your girlfriend,” added the older voice. “The tide is going back out. It's low tide.”
“She's not my girlfriend,” the other voice interrupted quickly.
I sit up in bed and stare out the window at the river. Why am I here again? Oh yeah the riddle, Mr. Smiley's package, and . . . Jack. I quickly get dressed and am downstairs before Jack even finished putting the couch together. I noticed that Tyrone had a fishing rod in his hand . . . er, paw.
“Uncle, what are you doing?” asked Jack, also noticing the pole.
Tyrone looked at him curious with a very scary smile.
“Oh you're not” Jack exclaimed, grabbing at the pole in a tug of war.
While they did that, I grabbed something quick to eat.
“WELL WE ARE!” yelled Tyrone, tugging the pole. “YOU'RE ARE GOING TO BREAK MY 'LUCKY' POLE!”
Jack grinned and let go, sending Tyrone on his bottom and little puffy tail.
“Fine I'll get the car,” He said. “Hurry up Liz.”
“Lizzy,” I corrected.
I watched as Jack got the car. He really is annoying.
“Yep you are really good for him,” Tyrone laughed. “You make a great couple.”
“What?” I answered, “I'm not his . . .”
HONK! HONK! I hurried to the car and we headed off toward the river.
“Aw my gift must be soaking wet!” I exclaimed, “or . . . we have another riddle.”
Jack chuckled as we headed toward the beach. I looked around but didn't find much. Except Jack's Uncle fishing.
“Fish will be great for breakfast,” he informed us, “good source of protein.”
I watched as he tossed the lure into the river.
“Uh, is it legal to fish here?” I asked, nervously.
Jack shrugged. I look closely at Tyrone's pole and noticed a white speck on the rod.
“No it can't be . . .” I mutter, getting a closer look.
I get closer and as I suspected, a paper was attached to the pole. Has Jack been doing this all along? Why? Where's the package?
“All right, I've had enough of this,” I demand, “where is the package, Jack.”
He looks back at me bewildered and notices that the riddle is on his Uncle's fishing rod.
“What are you talking about?” he asked, “I haven't done anything.”
He goes over and snatches his Uncle's fishing rod.
“'I have a few points but we're not competing. I will help you win when you're eating',” Jack read.
“A fork,” I answer, instantly.
Jack looks at me with surprise.
“What?” I asked, “I've heard that one. Now the next problem is where? A fork to eat or is it like a fork in the road?”
“Denny's is nearby,” Jack suggested
We head back to the car, with Tyrone whimpering behind.
“But I was going to catch a big trout!” he announced.
We headed to Denny's and got a table.
“Are you sure this is the right place . . . or the right table?” I ask, curiously.
“I don't know,” he shrugged, looking under his fork.
Jack's Uncle ordered fish 'n sticks with a side of nine pancakes. I looked at my fork. I wasn't hungry so I didn't order anything but Jack didn't notice as he was too busy eying the dessert. I was looking intently at my napkin which was under my fork. With curiosity, I lifted it up and a piece of paper fell out.
“You are close to the end of our little game. Just one more riddle, then you decide where to go next. 'I take what you receive and surrender it all by waving my flag.”

Written by: Mr. Smiley
Photographer: Daniel P. Smithwater
Edited by: Christian Ryan, Joy Hammond

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