Thursday, May 9, 2013

Baby Mummysaurus!

Samuel and Indiana Adamson with the baby Spinosaurus mummy (it has been digitally restored so that it looks like it did before it was wrapped)
When we hear the word “mummy”, you most likely think of a dead body wrapped up in cloth, stuffed into a sarcophagus hidden in a tomb in a huge pyramid. But what about baby dinosaurs? That’s exactly what two paleontologists, Dr. Samuel Adamson PhD. and his wife Dr. Indiana Adamson PhD. found on their expedition to Egypt. This find seemed very amazing so my junior photographer, Daniel P. Smithwater and I headed over to Animal Adventures Institute to find out more about the discovery. What’s Animal Adventures Institute? Well, Animal Adventures Institute is the part of Animal Adventures Inc. that does the “scientific stuff.” Animal Adventures Inc. is also the company that Dr. Samuel Adamson and his wife work for. So anyway, back to the story. We went to the institute to interview Dr. Samuel and Indiana about this incredible find. “We were actually looking for bones of great sauropod [long necked] dinosaurs that used to roam the landscape,” says Indiana. “But one of our tour guides suggested we take a break from fossil hunting and explore the tourist sites in Egypt, one of which was the Great Pyramid. So we took a break, and we were glad we did!” While touring the pyramid, Dr. Samuel looked down an alleyway and realized a weird-shaped pair of sarcophagi (the plural for sarcophagus) sitting in a corner. Samuel and Indiana got permission to open the sarcophaguses and found the mummified bodies of two baby dinosaurs called Spinosaurus Aeygipticus (Spine-oh-soar-us Ee-gip-tee-cus). Now these sarcophaguses were undiscovered until recently because of where they were in the tunnels. Scientists had just assumed they were funny shaped rocks and left them alone. “This is not just a remarkable find because they’re dinosaurs, but this also is just more evidence that dinosaurs lived with man, not so long ago. Before this, we didn't however, have evidence that dinosaurs lived with the Egyptians. But now we know they did!” says Dr. Samuel. You see, secular scientists believe that dinosaurs went extinct millions of years before humans existed, but this is firm proof that Creationist scientists were right all along – dinosaurs coexisted with people. Due to recent evidence, it appears that Spinosaurus was the god of the crocodiles in Egyptian mythology (of course, we know that there is only one true God, but these misinformed people didn’t know that). So when a Spinosaurus died, they treated it with respect. “This is also an amazing find because this is the first time a Spinosaurus has been found as a complete skeleton,” says Samuel. And he is correct. Other than these mummified babies, Spinosaurus was only known from a handful of fossil fragments. And most of those few fragments were tragically destroyed during World War II. And these are also the first baby Spinosaurus ever discovered. After this find, you would think most scientists would become Creationists. But it appears these evolutionists are missing the point more than I thought, as an interview with Dr. Pride B. Forefall PhD. tells us. When I asked him what he thought about this discovery he said, “I don’t see what all the fuss is about. So what they supposedly discovered evidence for man coexisting with dinosaurs? These baby Spinosaurus were probably uncovered by the Egyptians and the Egyptians thought they were crocodiles to they mummified them.” Really, how realistic does that sound? Really? So maybe the evolutionists aren’t convinced, but we Christians can be sure of one thing: God made dinosaurs and people to live at the same time. What will Dr. Indiana and Dr. Samuel dig up next? We don’t know, but it could be something truly remarkable.

Written by: Mr. Smiley
Photographed by: Daniel P. Smithwater
Edited by: Christian Ryan

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