Friday, February 27, 2015

Lizzy and the Glass Harp

I walked through the streets when I heard some beautiful music. I hurried over to see a man playing music with glasses of water! I was curious. As the man collected tips from the crowd, I went over to the glasses. I took my tail and tried to make music like the man did, but then I accidentally hit the glass too hard and it broke. The man turned around and saw me.
“You Lizard! Look what you did!” He yelled, furious. “How am I supposed to play my music with a broken glass?”
I was a little embarrassed.
“I could get you a new one?” I suggested.
“No, no that will not do,” the man stated, “these glasses are unique for this glass harp.”
“ A glass harp?” I asked in wonder.
“Yes, a glass harp,” the man responded, “you play music on it.”
“How do you get the right pitches?” I asked, curious.
“You change the water level in the glass,” he replied. “You can also use different sizes of the same glass.”
“Cool! Can I play?” I state, excited.
“ just...” he starts to instruct. “Wait a second! No you can't play it, look what you did to my glass!”
“I'll pay for it!” I volunteered.
“You have $155 with you?” he says curiously.
“Er...not really,” I admit, “lizards don't carry around much money.”
“Well then I've got an idea...” the man said.
I found myself being his assistant for the day, collecting the tips and getting him more water for the glasses.
“You are lucky that I brought a spare set,” the man nods as he played the glass harp.
After a long day and a bunch of apologies, I head home. As I was leaving, I smelled a delicious aroma and ran over to it...PIZZA!

Written by: Lizzy the Lizard
Edited by: Christian Ryan

Weekly Cartoons

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