Thursday, January 24, 2013

Carnival Baby Saved . . . By an Umbilical!

Mr. Bob (right) and Mrs. Cheri Mitchell (left), the baby, named Junie (center) and the Carnival Man (far right) all had an interesting time at the Riverville Country Carnival!
Carnivals can be very, very fun! But the only problem I have with them is that they can literally drink the money out of your pocket. Carnivals also hold lots of personal memories for me too, like the time I got stuck in the cotton candy machine . . . but that’s another story! Anyways, the Riverville Country Carnival always opens in middle January, despite it being so cold and snowy. This carnival is like so many around the world. They have all the typical stuff – you know, roller coasters, bouncy rides and houses, waterslides (although they end up freezing a lot in winter) and etc. Well, this story starts when Mr. Bob and Cheri Mitchell decided to visit the Riverville Country Carnival and go on one of the most exhilarating rides: the Oompa Loompa Loopy, a ride based on the film Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. Now this would be fine on normal occasions – the ride was a very safe ride. But this wasn’t a normal occasion because Cheri was nine months into her pregnancy! Normally pregnant women don’t go on roller coasters because they tend to run into . . . “complications”. However, this couple decided to take their chances. So the couple went onto the ride. The ride went on without a hitch until Cheri felt a sudden muscle movement . . . the movement that all mothers, all around the world, since almost the beginning of time have known the meaning of: the baby was coming! Unfortunately, the roller coaster was already in full swing when the baby was ready to be born. “It all happened so fast,” says Bob. “One moment we were just enjoying ourselves on a ride, the next moment my wife was ready to have a baby!” I, your faithful reporter, and my trusty junior photographer, Daniel P. Smithwater just so happened to be at the carnival at the time and I noticed a man on the roller coaster bending down next to a woman and I thought I the sound of a crying baby. I then realized that the woman was in the process of having her baby! I then saw one of the carnival men looking at the roller coaster; he was apparently as shocked as I was. I tried to get his name but he simply wanted to be known as the “Carnival Man”. “I don’t know why a pregnant woman would go on that ride!” says the Carnival Man. “It’s got crazy stuff: upside-downs and loopy loops and a ton of other stuff that wouldn’t be good for a pregnant woman.” The Carnival Man didn’t have a net with him, so I loaned him the one of the nets I won in one of the carnival contests. Finally, Cheri’s baby popped out when the roller coaster car started to go upside-down! The baby suddenly fell from Cheri and started dangling in midair – the reason it didn’t fall was that Bob was holding the dear thing from the umbilical cord. The baby apparently has having the time of its life, because as it was dangling, I’m pretty sure I heard it say, “WEEEE!” The umbilical cord suddenly broke and the baby fell. The Carnival Man and I were below on the ground, trying to catch the little baby with our nets when the baby plunked into the net of the Carnival Man (see? once again I, Mr. Smiley is the hero because I lent the Carnival Man my net!). After the ride ended, I had an opportunity to interview Cheri and see why on earth she decided to ride that crazy roller coaster in the first place! Cheri is quoted for saying, “I was getting bored, so my husband and I decided to do something fun and risky at the same time! I think it was a blast!” As soon as the baby plunked into the Carnival Man’s net, he shouted, “IT’S A GIRL!” so as you would expect, the parents were very excited. How does this amazing story end? Well, after this escapade, the new family decided to take a calm trip to Hawaii, the baby was named Junie, and the Carnival Man had something to say about the carnival rules, “I am officially adding a rule that states: “NO PREGNANT WOMEN ON ROLLER COASTERS!!!”

Written by: Mr. Smiley
Photographer: Daniel P. Smithwater
Edited by: Christian Ryan


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