Thursday, September 6, 2012

Elizabeth - A Turn for the . . . GOOD?!?

Arizona and her hat and their whole family apparently have put away their bad habits.
Elizabeth P. Bat Mitten. You remember her: she’s a really, really, really bad girl. First, she turned the power off at Dinosaur Park and made everyone faint because she put too much sugar in her candy. Now she has a new claim, she said, “I was thinking yesterday about how bad I’ve been lately. I was doing bad stuff for popularity. Turning off the power at Dinosaur Park gave me some recognition, but it didn’t last. Putting too much sugar in my cotton candy gave me more recognition, but once again, it didn’t last. Now me and my hat Max are going to be good.” Good? How can she possibly be good? My trusty, junior photographer Daniel P. Smithwater and I went to her sister, Halle B. Bat Mitten to get the real scoop on this story. “At first I didn’t believe my ears either. But now I believe it with all my heart,” Halle says. When I asked about Elizabeth’s hat Max, Halle said, “I can’t talk for the hats, but if Elizabeth is good, I believe the robot hats will follow in her league.” She also said that a good percent of her robotic hats didn’t like listening to her anyway. Now me? I am not so positive that Elizabeth is really changing, but I just suppose that time will tell if her change is for real. Let’s hope so!

Story written by: Mr. Smiley
Photographs taken by: Daniel P. Smithwater
Edited by: Christian Ryan

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