Sunday, August 19, 2012

Elizabeth Strikes . . . Again!

Elizabeth, Steve and John after their failed attempt to take over the world. As you can see, Elizabeth painted her hat white in a vain attempt to look "good" so people would buy the candy

Elizabeth P. Bat Mitten can’t seem to get off the headlines, can she? When I, Mr. Smiley heard she could be getting in more trouble, I rushed over to the scene with my photographer, Daniel P. Smithwater. The scene is, like always, Riverville, New York. Nice little place, plenty of parking space, and lots of hot cocoa! Wait, why am I talking about cocoa? Anyway, back to the story. Elizabeth decided she would once again try and take control of the world. This time though, she wanted more help than that of her trusty robotic hat named Max (whom she painted white). Her other assistants would be her husband, Steve Bat mitten and her son named John Bat mitten. They each started making cotton candy and unfortunately, it was a huge success. You see, the cotton candy was 2.1% (candy) cotton and 98.9% sugar. Since it was pretty much all sugar, it made most of the people who ate way to active and after a day or two they fainted. A few people who didn’t faint were Christy Poppyseed, Debby Boxford, Becky McGregor, Steve Stephen, and their parents. When they learned everyone else fainted (except of course your trusty reporter and photographer, Daniel and I), they devised a plan to get the police back in action. By working together producing skunk spray to put in front of their noses, they were able to revive the police and the police were able to capture the Bat mittens (who were so undulged in cotton candy that thy couldn't escape). It is recommended never to try Elizabeth’s food . . . again!

Story written by: Mr. Smiley
Photographs taken by: Daniel P. Smithwater
Edited by: Christian Ryan M.

Weekly Cartoon

Next Issue: Explorer finds Stone Shoe!

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